About Teams

Here's a quick run down of how teams work:

Create a team

If you’re not currently in a team, then you’re able to create one! Just click on the ‘teams’ link at the top of the page, fill in your team name and optionally give us description and image for your team. These are useful for getting people to recognise your team.

Join a team

If you’d rather not create a team you can join a team that already exists. There’s two ways to do this: either respond to an invite from another Agent, or request to join a team from the team’s page.

Invite people to join your team

Once you’re in a team, you can invite Agents to your team. One note of caution though, The Agency doesn’t like overworking it’s Agents so we only let Agents belong to a single team. You can only invite Agents who aren’t on a team already.

Team Leaders

The person who created a team is the ‘Team Leader’. They get special secret abilities including editing the team profile page, approving new team members and taking charge of the team’s bank account – mwahahaha! Team founders can also transfer their role to another member of the team.

Bank accounts

Teams get given a team bank account to store all of their BNDs. This is where your money goes when you donate money to a team. Teams can collect huge sums of money and unlock cells collaboratively. Speak to your team leader about which cells you should unlock next. Your team leader is the person in charge with looking after team BNDs, but don’t worry they can’t withdraw them!

Team point

Your team’s points are simply a total of all the top scores from the missions your team’s Agents have completed. Team points help your team reach new ranks within The Agency. Try getting more points to see what the next rank up is.

Having trouble solving missions?

Talk to your team and other Agents in the forum. Who knows, they might be able to help you with a mission, or perhaps there’s something bigger puzzling you?

Changing Teams

You can change teams by clicking ‘leave’ on your team’s page. You’re then free to join another, by receiving an invite or requesting membership to your favourite team. If you change times more than three times we might ask for a small donation to Cancer Research UK.