Welcome to Operation: Sleeper Cell!

Welcome! Welcome one and all to Operation: Sleeper Cell! We’re willing to bet that this whole thing is a touch overwhelming, right? Well, fear not, here’s what’s going on...

Start playing!

All you need to do to start playing is sign up. Registration is required, because the Agency likes to see the progress its agents are making and reward them with a rank. You can play Operation: Sleeper Cell for free! Complete missions that others have already unlocked for free, or donate money to race ahead of the game and get a head-start on a mission.

It's simple to play!

Complete Missions. Increase your rank. Rid the world of E.V.I.L

  1. Players or teams donate money to Cancer Research UK and receive virtual currency called Bonds (BND).
  2. Players and teams can spend bonds on unlocking missions.
  3. Completing missions earns you and your team points, which increases your rank within The Agency and help you unlock secret intelligence.
  4. Using this secret intelligence you can collaboratively thwart the very nasty 'E.V.I.L', make the world a lovelier place, and perhaps drink some congratulatory tea.

Don't worry if you can't afford to donate, you'll still able to play all the missions that others have unlocked.

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