The Agency

The Agency is a top secret organisation of spies (or ‘Agents’) who endeavour to make the world a lovelier place. They’ve been around for decades doing just that, without you even noticing. All the while, they’ve been waging war with another organisation, E.V.I.L, who seem to revel in making the world a nastier place.

Some time ago, though, an operation by one of the sides (we’re not exactly sure who’s at fault, but it’s just got to be E.V.I.L, right?) led to mutual destruction. However, the Agency had cleverly planned for such an eventuality and put into place an Operation, codenamed ‘Sleeper Cell’, whereby any remaining Agents would penetrate society and live in secret, waiting to be called back to action should E.V.I.L ever rise again.

That time is now.

The Agency’s top brass recently received word that E.V.I.L were planning a comeback to rival the Spice Girls’, and thus re-opened Operation: Sleeper Cell. With your help, the Agency can get its sleeper Agents back into action and help pummel E.V.I.L into the ground. And in return, we’ll train you as an Agent. It’s the least we can do.

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