Every Agent needs know when to blend in, but sometimes you just have to celebrate your status, don't you? Go to a Cancer Research UK 10K run dressed as a spy, and send us a photo of yourself. The more effort you put into your spy-like activity (either as runner or spectacularly disguised spectator) the more points we will award!

Marking guidelines:

Points are available for the following, up to a maximum of 500

  • Photo obviously taken at a Cancer Research UK race: 200 points
  • Photo obviously taken at some other cancer research fundraising event (to give people who can’t make it to one of the races a chance!): 100 points
  • Photo in which you are dressed recognisably as a spy: 200 points
  • Bonus points available for creativity: up to 100 points

PLEASE NOTE: Submission for this mission is now closed, following successful retirement of Sleeper Cells. Any submissions made will not be marked (but may be used as fancy wallpaper)

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