Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Operation: Sleeper Cell?

Operation: Sleeper Cell is a fundraising game for Cancer Research UK in which you will be trained as an Agent for a secret organisation known as The Agency that works to spread loveliness throughout the world.

Missions are puzzles and challenges that you can complete to increase in rank in The Agency, as you do so you may even uncover some secret intelligence and dossiers about their arch-enemies E.V.I.L. Hopefully you'll eventually team up with other Agents and help save the world! 

The game is free to play and you can either play by yourself, in a team with your friends or form a team with other players on the site. Most of the game is online, but you never know when or where you might discover The Agency in real life.

How does the game work?

If you are new to the game, we recommend that you go to our how to play guide. We've also got an overall guide to the game and a specific page on teams

If you've got a question that isn't answered, then please do ask on our forums or e-mail .

What is the grid?

The grid is where you go to find missions and other news from The Agency.

Some of the cells in the grid are sleeper cells that can be unlocked to provide missions by making a specific donation to Cancer Research UK. The team making the donation gets a 12 hour headstart on the mission in the cell and can choose the logo and message for the cell. After that time, the mission becomes available to all players.

Other cells on the grid can also be sponsored with your logo and message but don't have missions behind them to be unlocked.

Is Operation: Sleeper Cell free to play?

Yes. If you want a headstart on missions then you need to donate and some real-life elements may involve purchase of tickets or admissions charges. However, the game is otherwise free to play.

How does the game raise money?

There are two main ways that the game raises money - through sponsoring cells to unlock the missions in them, and through sponsoring the other cells on The Grid. You can find more details on our Donations Page.

If you just want to donate some money without worrying about these, you can. Alternatively you can sponsor a player or a team. 

All profits from the game will be donated directly to Cancer Research UK. Law 37 reserves the right to deduct a maximum of 5% from the money raised by the game to cover running costs (such as website hosting and live events expenses). Nobody will be paid for their work on the game. 

How often are new missions released?

New missions will be released once a week.

How long will the game run for?

The game started on 23rd September and will last for approximately ten weeks. Don't worry if you've come in late. You can join in at any time!

How much time do I need to play?

That's a similar question to 'how long is a piece of string?' We hope you can enjoy the game even if you only have two or three hours a week to play, but we also hope that we've provided enough to keep you entertained for much longer.

Does it matter where I live if I want to play?

The real-life elements of the game are all UK-based and we are raising money for a UK charity. However we welcome players from other countries. We've done our best to base different real life elements of the game across the country but we're doing this as volunteers so there are limits to what we can do!

Who is running Operation: Sleeper Cell?

The game is being run by , in aid of Cancer Research UK. We have full support from Cancer Research UK and are official fundraisers for them. The members of Law 37 are all unpaid volunteers who have been designing and creating this game in their spare time.