Thanks & Credits

Operation: Sleeper Cell is created by Law 37.

Law 37 is:


  • Adrian Hon: Adviser and Let’s Change the Game founder
  • Kevin Hemenway: Drupal advice and Let's Change the Game judge

Team Members:

  • David Callier: Website Tester
  • Dom Camus: Art Monkey
  • Juliette Culver: Chief of Cake
  • Danny Hewitt: Writer
  • Tim Kirman: Puzzled Penguin
  • Marc McGinley: Website Tamer
  • Thomas Maillioux : The Bibliomancer
  • Izzy Martin: Events Wizard
  • Emma Newman: Writer
  • Alex Moseley: Double Agent
  • Shane Rynhart: Head of Story/Lead Writer
  • Chris Warren: Head Tech Wrangler
  • Rachel Wild: Graphical Designerator
  • Anna Wexler: Ex Missions Manager

For more information on the team, please visit the website.

Law 37 would like to thank everyone who has made this game possible, from donating time and services to sponsorship and support.

Paragons of loveliness:

  • Mike Cox: Ex Senior Producer
  • Guy Parsons, original Law 37 team leader and lead designer of Operation: Sleeper Cell
  • Mark Haymes, Regional Manager, Community Fundraising at Cancer Research UK, our main contact at Cancer Research UK
  • Memset, discounted web hosting
  • Six to Start, office use for weekend meetings
  • Sense Worldwide, office use for weekend meetings
  • Tally Matrix and Owen Massey, mission playtesting
  • Andrew Brasher, ringtone (with editting by Blair Thorburn)
  • Liam Green-Hughes, extra programming
  • Carol Hanson, extra graphic design
  • Wendy Porch, running usability tests
  • David Dowsing and Kelsey Griffin, Bletchley Park, help with hiding clues
  • Scott and Dee at the Bletchley Cancer Research UK shop, help with hiding clues
  • Other people with whom we have had useful discussions with or who have contributed ideas: Jon Culver, Chris Dickson, Simon Dixon, Holly Gramazio, Anna Faherty, Stephen Foulgar, Seamus McCauley, Alex Selby, Dan Smith, Geoff Taylor (City of London Friends of Cancer Research UK)


Cancer Research UK:

  • Jean Rolfe, Regional Manager, Community Fundraising
  • Carla Bates, Project Leader, Innovation Team